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A review on Lotto Pro software!

The chances of winning a lottery are always vague, any way you slice it. You do have some control over your strategies, but casting a dice at the opportune time can make your chances of winning stronger. Don't rely on your guesses; take a situation under your control. Lotto Pro software is the best tool to play and win lotteries.

About the Product

Compatible for all devices: Designed with the purpose to increase your chances of winning a lottery, Lotto pro software is fully compatible with windows XP, windows Vista, windows 7, windows 8 and windows 10. However, if you want to run the software on a Mac, you need to run PC emulation software.

Maximizes your winning chances: Featured with wheeling systems, Lotto Pro software increases the guarantee of your winning chances. The system enables you to have multiple tickets. One of these tickets will have winning combinations.

Commodious to use: With an easy click on drawing file button to select your country and the lottery type, you can pick the best numbers to create your tickets based on the previous statistics. Apart from choosing the best ticket numbers, the software also enables you to choose favorite number and random numbers. There are so many YouTube tutorials that will teach you to play.

Saves time and money: Money and time both are crucial, and it's technology that has made us realized their importance. There are chances of askew number combinations and Lotto Pro software helps to turf out hassle with the help of filters. These filters put an end to awry combinations.

Save your time. No need to go through an annoying task of hand-filling slips. Lotto Pro software will allow you to print directly on the lottery bet slips.

Less chances of errors and up-to-date drawing histories: The software will keep checking your combinations and updating drawing histories.


·        It works with all lottery games - Pick-3, Pick-4, Pick 5, Pick-6, and Pick-7.

·        It keeps all drawing files up-to-date. 

·        You can learn the use with the help of Lotto Pro help menu.

·        It also gives you an option to play your own favorite numbers and random numbers.

·        Filters can be applied on each ticket by eliminating unlikely number combinations.

·        It will sporadically display summary of winning numbers.


·        You need to download the latest version every time. You need PC stimulation software for running Lotto pro software.