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An overview about the Scratch-off Games

In 1974, the state of Massachusetts officially became the first ever state to offer instant lottery game using the scratch-off tickets. By the year, 2008 the games involving the scratch tickets became extremely popular. The lottery organizations now offer several scratch games with different themes.

The scratch games usually run for a given period of time, typically for some months to even a year. Many of the scratch tickets also allow a player to win several times on every ticket.

The biggest prize amounts are often hundreds and thousands of dollars which the players have a chance of winning. But, some of these games offer certain prizes besides money, which includes merchandise, vehicles, paid trips, tickets for the sporting events as well as concerts, etc. For instance, in the year 2006, a certain Missouri scratch game had given away a priceless seat at the table of the World Poker Tour tournament. The overall winnings of such prizes mostly include the payment by the lottery commission of federal as well as the state income taxes on the value of such prizes.

Most of the lotteries have teamed up with the sports franchises as well as some other companies for providing several popular products as the prizes. Just as, in June 2008, the New Jersey Lottery Commission had announced a unique scratch game where the top prize was a Harley-Davidson bike.

Many of the brand-name promotions and advertisements feature many famous celebrities, the well known sports figures and their teams, or even the cartoon characters. Such merchandising deals always benefit the companies immensely through the product exposure as well as the advertisement; the lotteries too benefit a lot since the companies share with them the advertising costs.