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Lotteries are incredibly popular in the United States of America as well as in the other parts of the world. The opportunity of being able to win lots of money with minimum investment entices one and all.

People all over the world wait eagerly for various lotteries and chance their fate by investing a few bucks to win grand prizes. However it is not necessary that everyone wins lotteries but have been several incidents regarding lotteries around the globe which are really interesting and unique. Given below are some of such really popular incidents pertaining to lotteries.

  • It is said that the Americans spend more money on the lottery tickets than what they spend on movies, music, video games and books combined.
  • In the year 2010, the weekly state lottery of Israel had drawn the exact 6 numbers as it had drawn 3 weeks earlier – this was a unique event which the statisticians claimed was about one in every four trillion chance.
  • A lottery winner named Jack Whittaker had once been robbed of about $545,000, that too in cash. While he was inquired as to why he was carrying so much money, he reluctantly said “because I can”. Again he was robbed for around $200,000 cash.

  • A wife, devastated by her husband’s habit, bought a scratch-off ticket of a lottery to prove it to her husband that buying tickets was just a waste of money, however it ended on winning ha mammoth sum of $1 million.
  • An entire village in the country of Spain had once bought lottery tickets. After they won, all the villagers received around 100K$ each with the exception of one man, the one who didn’t buy any ticket.