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Funny and crazy facts about lotteries.

Ever since lotteries have started making impacts on people’s lives, there have been scores of weird and fantastic incidents related to lotteries, some of these have been given below.

  • Once a waitress in a pizza shop helped a certain customer in choosing numbers for a lottery ticket in the year, 1984, the customer ‘tipped’ her about$3,000,000 – which was half the prize money- $6,000,000.
  •  In Taiwan every receipt and bill at all the stores is some kind of a ticket for the government lottery which has top prizes valuing above 300,000 USD. This had been introduced in the year 1951 for combating the dodging of sales tax by the businesses.
  • The lottery of Zimbabwe Banking Corporation had been won in the year 2000 by Mr. Robert Mugabe, who was then the president of the country.

  • The winner of a UK based lottery had once £1 Million in and had spent about £500,000 over a span of 18 months in which he travelled 22 countries, glugged champagne, bought designer clothes and slept with around 150 women; after that he invested all the money and made more money than he initially had.
  • A lucky man in Dubai by the name of Mohammad Basheer had bought a lottery ticket just before boarding an Emirates flight which crashed. The man not only escaped the fatal crash but also won the huge prize money.
  • Most of the Chinese lottery winners wear masks and some of them also wear full costumes, while claiming the multi-million prizes. It has led to weird photos of people being dressed as, yellow bears, a giant panda and Baymax holding the huge novelty checks which they had won.
  • In the year 2005, a fortune cookie company had correctly foretold the lottery numbers, which resulted in around 110 winners as well as a thorough investigation.