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How to choose lottery numbers?

Lottery is a game of luck and there is no perfect method to choose numbers that will guarantee you to win. Still you have an option to choose from several approaches which you can apply while zeroing down on your lottery numbers. You can try your hand at the mathematical approach or just follow your instinct.


One way to choose lottery numbers that can raise your chances of winning is by analyzing the frequency chart data from previous lottery draws. This will help you to find out the most and least frequently chosen numbers in the previous lottery draws. After you figure out this data, you can either pick from the frequently drawn numbers or take a chance to pick from numbers that are drawn less frequently.


You can also use the statistical delta method to choose lottery numbers. The delta lotto method includes a statistical analysis of numbers next to each others to choose potential lottery numbers.


You also can try your luck at lottery by settling on numbers that you consider lucky for yourself. It could be anything from your birthday, your spouse’s birthday, anniversary, age, address, or even your phone number. If you instinctively feel lucky about a certain set of numbers you can stick with it every time you play lottery. No one knows one day you might strike it right and your lucky numbers will get you winning the prize money!

Always remember while going for choosing lucky numbers that the number 7 and 11 are considered lucky by most of the people. So you should avoid choosing from them as it might end up making you share the prize money (if you win) with a lot of people.


You also have an option to pick random numbers while choosing your lottery numbers. These days there are a number of random number generator sights that can help you out with this. is one such site that offers a number generator that has been specially designed for lottery picks. The number generator will calculate a number for you once you choose the number sequence for yourself. You can also request the lottery attendant to choose random numbers for you, especially when you are going in for more than one lottery tickets at one time.