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Introduction to some of the lottery games. Keno, Pull tabs, Spiel and Video lottery.

Most of the states usually offer various kinds of numbers games, like the three-and four-digit games. Pull tabs, video lottery, spiel and keno are some of the popular games.

Pull tabs

Pull tabs are the paper tickets which must have to be separated for revealing the symbols or the numbers underneath which have to match the posted sequences for a win.


Spiel is a special game which is an add-on feature attached to a lotto game which provides another set of numbers as the fee which must be matched to the numbers that are selected in a random drawing for a win.


Keno is yet another super popular lotto game where a given set of numbers have to selected from a variety of numbers; the players select a small set of numbers after which they are awarded the prizes depending on how many numbers that they have chosen match the ones that are there in the drawn set.

Video lottery

The video lottery terminals are the electronic games of luck that are played on the video screens which simulate or imitate the popular international casino games like the poker and/ or blackjack.

Keno as well as the video lottery games have been considered by a lot of people to be the casino-kind games, particularly because these might be played almost every few minutes ( especially in the case of the fast keno) or even at will (like the video lottery terminals). It is a major reason why these are not the most popular and also controversial and of course less acceptable than the other traditional games of lottery.