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Kerala lottery and Thailand lottery.

Lotteries have been providing a means of revenue for lucky individuals for a long time now, private lotteries in countries have sprung up to both aid individuals who participate and to also aid themselves as well. It didn’t come as a surprise when countries decided to jump on this band wagon as a means to provide jobs and also to supplement the finances of the government. This was the initiative taken by the government of Kerala and Thailand hence the introduction of the Kerala and the Thailand lottery.

Kerala lottery

This lottery was founded since 1967 in India and is still waxing strong till date. Numerous winners have emerged from the multiple selections of their draws. At the Kerala lottery, a winner is guaranteed every day of the week as there are different types of lottery. While this is beneficial to the winners of any of these draws, it is quite pertinent to note that as all lotteries entails, it might actually take a while before you can win big on any lottery scheme as with the Kerala lottery. It does not assure you your winnings every day, it only guarantees that at least one person who participated in the draws goes home with prize money and for as long as this lottery has been on, it has delivered on its word. Depending on your interest, you can decide to play in any of the draws of the week; Pournami, Win Win, Sthreesakthi, Akshaya, Karunya plus, Nirmal and Karunya. You can play as many times as possible to get a shot. Who knows, today might just be your lucky day.

Thailand lottery

The Thailand lottery is the nationally accepted lottery in Thailand. The downside of this lottery is that you have low odds of winning and the pay-out ratio is ridiculously unfavourable but despite this, the Thailand lottery is hugely popular in the country as a lot of people strive so hard to participate. Unlike other forms of lottery, to register for the Thailand lottery, you have to buy them from retail agents. You can find these agents on the streets, in marketplaces or in tiny erected kiosks around town. To participate in any draw, you must purchase a ticket from one of these vendors. One other difference about the Thai Lottery is that draws are only held on the 2nd and the 16th day of every month and these draws are held at the Government Lottery Office headquarters where winners are selected. Lucky winners are entitled to win cash prizes in the tune of 2 million baht or 3 million baht per ticket. This suggests that you can buy as many tickets as you want. To be a winner in the draws, you have to at least match 6 digits in either of the draws.

Unlike the online lotteries, Thailand and Kerala lotteries do not give room for convenience; you have to seek out vendors to buy a ticket and due to the high odds of the game, it is very difficult to become a winner. Nonetheless, lotteries are still making people millionaires; it could definitely be you someday.