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Official European lotteries. Official European lotteries. EuroMillions, SuperEnalotto, El Gordo, and others.

After the Second World War, the lottery industry in Europe is quickly restored and successfully developed. Due to intensive growth of the economy, centuries-old lottery traditions and the high density of administrative fragmentation, already, by mid – 1980s, Europe along with the United States was the richest region in the number and diversity of all kinds of lotteries, such as Keno, Bingo, instant lottery and, certainly, the classic numerical lottery which is the most popular and in demand.

In Europe, the largest numerical lotteries rated by the popularity and size of the jackpots are as follows:

·        EuroMillions

·        SuperEnalotto

·        El Gordo

·        La Primitiva

·        U.K. National Lottery

·        Germany Lotto 6/49

·        Austria Lotto 6/45

·        Ireland Lotto

·        France Loto

·        Belgium Lotto

·        Sweden Viking Lotto

·        Eurojackpot

Particular attention should be paid to the lottery EuroMillions, which is in all respects the undisputed leader among European lotteries and inferior to them only for the period of its existence. History of EuroMillions lottery was originally associated with the introduction into circulation of the single European currency, the euro. Basic project of the lottery appeared in 1994 and its key idea was to synchronize its start to the transition of the European Union countries to use the European currency. Nevertheless, the launching of the EuroMillions lottery was postponed several times, and only ten years later – February 13, 2004 its first draw was held in Pari. In the recent past, the lottery has undergone significant changes, and May 10, 2011 the first draw of the updated lottery EuroMillions took place and went down in history took, and in less than two months later, there was another significant event – July 12, 2011 was raffled off a record EuroMillions lottery jackpot – 185 million euro.