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Review about free online lotteries: Free Lotto, Postcode lottery and Free birthdate lottery

Since the invention of the internet, every single thing is now done from the convenience of your home and from an internet enabled device. You can make business transactions, book hotels and even learn courses online. It does not come as a shock that lotteries have taken the hint and migrated to using the internet to achieve its aim. Now you can play the lottery online. Since its invention, numerous online lotteries have sprung up and are changing the face of lottery generally. People are still playing and people are still winning but how viable are these online lotteries.

Free Lotto

Just like its name implies, free lotto has created an avenue where you can win money for free and all that is needed for registration is your email address, your name and your postal address. It is indeed an easy way to make money online but questions have been popping out as to how they generate income and it turns out that they offer sponsored advertising during game play and through email. Free lotto offers 6 chances to win every day; the daily jackpot, win a car, pay off your mortgage, fast cash, give away and the ultimate prize of 10 million dollars. Most interesting fact about the free lotto is that every single day winners emerge and they have been recordings of people who became millionaires by playing free lotto.

Postcode lottery

Unlike the free lotto, this lottery comes with a fee. One beautiful advantage of online lotteries is that it eliminates queuing to get tickets and just aids in playing lottery just from the comfort of your home. To attempt on winning in the postcode lottery, you have to make a monthly subscription of £10. Your lottery tickets are based on your UK postcode which makes you eligible to enter a draw every day. Just like every kind of lottery they are guaranteed winners every day.

Critics have found ways to disapprove of the monthly subscription with fewer winners as compared to the amount being received from monthly subscriptions but the postcode lottery gives 32% of whatever gains they have to charity. This is definitely a feel good situation. If you don’t win, be rest assured that your money is going to charity.

Free birthdate lottery

Just like the free lotto, the free birthdate lottery does not require any cash for registration as they fund their lottery with money from paid advertising on their website. All that is required for registration is simply your birth date and your email address, once this information is gotten you become qualified for a daily draw. A registered birthdate is randomly selected as a winner and there is a guaranteed winner every day.

What online free lottery does is that it creates an easy way for players to win and all from the comfort of their homes. It is not surprising to see the old folks still preferring the traditional method of lotteries but the internet has been creating easy methods to aid any form of transaction and like every kind of online lottery out there, the internet has helped achieve a group of winners who only had to play a simple game to make money.