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Surviving the hype of winning a lotto jackpot

Over the years lotteries have become a very popular way of entertainment and for some people they have been a life changing experience. Some say it was a blessing, others would claim it turned out to be a nightmare. And we think there are rules each big winner must know to make this unique experience safe and stress free. We have summarised all you need to know should the magical lottery jackpot hit you one day!

First thing first, check your ticket and keep calm

People who won astonishingly big amounts in lotteries would not believe it happened to them. Take your time, visit an official lottery website and check last draw results. You should also check the number of winners for given combination, which will give you a good indication of how much of that big jackpot actually belongs to you. When all checks are passed it’s time to claim your winning. You should also address few more things to keep you safe.

Should you share your experience and how to do it safely?

When we experience a major event in our life’s we tend to share it with people we trust, so this tornado of emotions would not overwhelm and burnout from the inside. With the lottery though, it is not only the happiest moment, but often I life changing one, which is closely connected with financial well being and that is why you need to control your emotions, to avoid irrational decisions at the very beginning. Here is what other winners like you did and you should be aware of:

  • Share this moment with only those you trust
  • Keep your daily routing as usual, like nothing happened
  • Give yourself few days to adapt to your new status
  • Plan your next steps carefully

Going public vs Keeping your privacy

As you would imagine, any lottery jackpot is a big event and it’s true not only for the winners, but for the lottery as well. For lotteries it is an amazing opportunity for advertising, because showcasing others luck with big win amounts will attract more lottery buyers and help to cover expenses as well as building new jackpot. 

Why should you care? Simply because every lottery would offer you to go public, which will draw a lot of attention to your persona in no time, just like a celebrity catwalk on a podium would turn hundred of heads, every major media channel of all calibers will be writing about you and your life changing event of winning a lottery jackpot. This will put a lot of pressure on you and your loved ones. If you’re certain you can cope with this attention and are comfortable with sharing your life with strangers it’s up to you. Although nobody will force you into anything you don’t want to do, there will be no going back if you will accept the rules of the game.

The reason it’s not a trivial question to answer for most winners is the fact that it directly affect jackpot payouts to you, should you decide to participate in advertising event on the media’s or keep your privacy and take it easy for you and your family. The bottom line is, don’t make this decision from payout point of view, think what’s best for you in the first place and what will make you feel comfortable.

With cash at hand, what to do next?

It seems an easy one to answer as we all had dreams of what would we do or buy if money was not a question. Getting a lump sum you have never had before will not only substantially increase your wealth, but will put a responsibility on you, should you decide to change your life style for the long run. There are few tips that will help to keep your finance in order and not to waste your jackpot in no time: 

  • Pay all your outstanding debts and mortgage first
  • Put your 12 months budget aside on a separate bank account
  • Take a good care of your health 
  • Seek for professional financial advice on investment possibilities
  • Consider donating some amount to your favourite charity

We hope that you will find these tips useful and they will help to enjoy your jackpot safely and hassle free. If this is your first jackpot, we wish you to have more on the way. May the luck be with you!