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The emergence of lottery in England. First winners and tradition of state lotteries.

In England, beginning of lottery holdings is associated with the name of one of the most outstanding personalities of the British monarch Queen Elizabeth I and falls on 1559, the first year of her reign. Just at this time the kingdom had serious economic difficulties, while England was actually in a state of war and economic blockade.

Politicians, surrounding the queen, bound the state’s way out of this situation with the successful marriage of Elizabeth I with some strong foreign monarch of the time, but Elizabeth had a very strong character, and flatly refused such a political maneuver and said that was not going to get married, and she knew how to fix the country's financial situation. And who would have thought that the young queen offered to hold a lottery. It should be noted that Elizabeth's offer proved to be a very successful move.

The lottery was launched on a large scale and held January 11, 1559. It was proposed to sell about 40 thousand lottery tickets, and the winners are expected a remuneration in the form of tapestries, gold and money. The collected funds were spent on the rehabilitation and reconstruction of ports and other public needs. Since then, the tradition to hold state lotteries in England existed until 1825, until it was interrupted by the government under the pressure of the opponents of the lottery in the face of opposition in the British Parliament.

But we must pay tribute to the fact, that for more than two centuries the famous British Museum, London aqueduct, several bridges and many other important architectural objects were built for the "lottery" money.