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The future of lotteries!

Lotteries have always contributed in supporting governments for its various public projects. Across the nations and borders, lottery has had a very influential role in the past. Now what about the future of lottery? It is quite evident that at present lotteries all around the world are moving towards a digital set up.

Earlier lottery was limited only to those who had access to nearby lottery selling avenues. Today people have access to buy tickets from any part of the world for most of the lotteries of the world with lottery ticket courier services like “theLotter” which buys tickets for the customers on behalf of them.

The technique of lottery has undergone a massive change with the advent of computers and mobile phones throughout nations but still we can find a number of legal restrictions that limit the reach of online tickets to customers.

Although in the United States of America, the tickets of Powerball and Mega Millions can be found in almost all the states, there is no central authority that manages their sales online. Hence the individual states are responsible for the management of online play and mobile apps. For instance if you wish to buy the official Powerball, Lotto, or Mega Million tickets from the Illinois lottery app, you need to be physically located in the same state. This also provides for depositing winning amount up to $600 directly into the Illinois lottery account. Similarly Georgia lottery app also calls for remaining in the same state to take part in the lottery game.

A few other states also offer mobile lottery apps but without making it possible to purchase actual lottery tickets. One of the examples is California lottery app, which lets you check on the results of the draw and prize money of the jackpot, but does not make it possible to play lottery in the actual sense. Same is the case with the Maryland lottery mobile app which does not provide services for purchasing tickets. The app only helps you out with information regarding the draw results and nearby retailers who sell lottery tickets.

Mexico is one exception in this case, as in Mexico lottery tickets can be purchased via phones along with getting information regarding the results of the draw since the year 2010. The SMS service enables Mexican lottery players to get all this information and confirm the purchase of their tickets. On the whole, it is evident that the future of lottery is digital when paper tickets might even become a forgotten thing of the past.