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THE LOTTERY GAMES: Basics of scratch-off games and lotto

Lotteries had always been fascinating men of all ages in every part of the world. The lotteries give everyone a ray of hope of changing everything about their lives overnight. Even the poorest men in the poorest countries dream of owning a fancy car or travelling the world or buying things which money can buy. A lottery gives them the reason to cling on to those dreams and hopes forever.

The early lottery games were just simple raffles where a person had to purchase a ticket which was pre-printed with some random number. The players back then had to wait for several weeks of a drawing in order to know if that ticket was a winner. These kinds of games, which were known as the passive drawing games, had been the most dominant lottery games till 1973.

However by the year 1997, such lotteries almost ceased to exist, since the consumers started demanding more exciting and challenging games which provided better and quicker payoffs with more betting and winning options.

Almost all the states which operate the lotteries offer instant games and cash lotto. The players of these lotto games usually select a set of numbers from amongst a large set. After that they are awarded the prizes that are based upon which picked numbers are offering another set of numbers chosen from some random drawing. Most of the lotto tickets are sold for $1, and then the drawings are held either once or twice every week for determining the winning numbers. The scratch-off instant games are the paper tickets on which some spaces are coated with some scratch-off substance which when removed exposes certain numbers or texts beneath that can match the posted sequences pertaining to the draw.