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The luckiest and the most frequently won PowerBall lottery numbers

The lottery industry is an ever growing industry which has impacted the lives of uncountable people. Getting a jackpot might not be easy but it is true that there are not many ways of being filthy rich almost without any expense except lotteries. Winning the prize money chiefly depends upon the numbers.

So the numbers may be termed as the most important part of a lottery ticket. Most successful winners have claimed that they have calculated the winning numbers somehow or the other. However it might not always be possible to trace the base of the numbers which have resulted in the sum of the winning ticket. In this article you will get the numbers which have been the luckiest for the maximum number of times.

The Powerball jackpot which is one of America’s biggest lottery companies has a few numbers which have won the winning prizes the maximum number of times.

Some of these numbers are 19, 39 as well as the Powerball of 13. These are included in the most common and maximum winning numbers for this lottery.

But, the top five most frequently successful numbers for Powerball lottery have been 26, 16, 41, 22 and 32, as far as the statistics of is concerned. The magical number “26” has been the lucky number for as many as 275 times.

As for the Powerball numbers, numbers like 6, 20, 9, 2 and 12 have been very common. The digit“6” alone has been drawn as many as 81 times which is a record in itself.

However knowing which number has the most number of winners is quite different from winning the jackpot. But since anyone could be the lucky one, why not you?