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The psychology of lottery

Ever wondered what happens to the life of a lottery winner post his/her win? Does the major raise in fortune make him/her happier than ever? A trio of researchers gathered to answer this question in the year 1978 by conducting a research on the psychology of lottery.

The study on the psychology of lotteries states that people are pulled towards buying lottery tickets because they have a difficulty in coming to terms with the fact they can lose.

People are conditioned in a way to think that they can somehow win. The research also throws light on the fact that the desire to play lottery is very likely in people with less resources who are struggling to cope up with a challenging financial life. The likeliness of winning the prize money instills in them a hope to get rid of their condition.

But does winning a lottery actually increase our happiness? The research conducted in the year 1978 shows that winning a lottery does not make people more or less happier than they were before, contrary to the popular belief. With the passing of time, the happiness and excitement of winning the lottery fades out. In this case, the observation of the research is somewhat similar to the law of marginal utility.

The research shows that gradually the lottery winners get in habit of the added benefits made possible by the winning amount and eventually this pleasure ceases to contribute extensively to their happiness levels.

A study on Dutch lottery winners that took place in the year 2008 came up with similar findings. This particular research claims that each individual contains a set point of happiness in life. Some people are set to be generally happy and some are set to be depressed and some belong in between the two states of mind. Whatever may be the reason (like winning a lottery) that might make them extremely happy, with time they will return to their usual point of emotional state. Perhaps a lottery winner can use the newfound wealth in things that influence happiness in life, although winning a lottery in itself does not guarantee a life-long happiness. If you are already happy in life, winning the lottery might not make a lot of difference to you in the long run. Still, the game of lottery does not stop to entice us with the entire thrill that comes its way.