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Top 5 Lotteries that contribute to charity

There are so many ways to support charity through donations and free labour, but we want to tell you what charities you support, when buying lottery tickets. Today every major lottery brand sends a portion of its revenue from ticket sales to good causes. We have taken the top 5 lotteries in the world to show how they contribute to charity.

We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give. (by Winston S. Churchill)

1. Powerball lottery - supporting K-12 education fund

The well known and worldwide favourite brand, which sells more than $1 million worth of lottery tickets every single minute and paying nearly half of what they make from sales to the winners.

Where does the rest of it goes? Well, because it is a state lottery and every state has its own vision and needs, it’s up to them to decide how to use these funds. What we know for sure is that a good portion (up to 30%) from Powerball ticket sales revenue goes in support on education, to be more specific K-12 education fund.

2. EuroJackpot - supporting education, science, culture and welfare

Outside of US, EuroJackpot is massive, transnational lottery, represented in 18 countries: Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, The Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain and Sweden.

Because of this massive spread across different countries and the fact that EuroJackpot was established not only to give you a chance of winning life-changing sums of money, but also to help improve lives of millions of people across the continent, every participating country always sends some percentage from ticket sales revenue (sometimes up to 50%) to good causes.

There are so many contributions from supporting community projects, child sports initiatives, to a more specific country needs in education, welfare and culture. All in all, you can be 100% sure, that whenever you play EuroJackpot lottery, you always contribute to a good cause of some sort. If you want to support a specific country, you can always visit EuroJackpot official website, to see actual list of good causes per country.

3. EuroMillions - supporting sports, health, education and heritage

Here is another transnational lottery, represented in 9 countries: United Kingdom, Austria, Belgium, France, Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal, Spain and Switzerland.

It is very similar to EuroJackpot in a sense, that each country have their own vision and list of charities they support. What we know is that in UK alone 28p from every £1 spent on National Lottery tickets is set aside for good causes. This massive amount of money is then distributed between: arts (20%), sports(20%), heritage(20%) and health, education, environment(40%).

If you would about to play Austrian version of EuroMillions you would support humanitarian and research projects along with their Olympic and Paralympic Committees.

In France funds from EuroMillions are used to support disabled people access to sports and development of athletes in general.

In Ireland about 30% of funds generated by EuroMillions are donated to worthy projects, supporting local initiatives as well as larger organisations such as Dyslexia Association and Asthma Society.

Whatever the version of EuroMillions you will play, it is guaranteed that some part of your ticket price will go to a good cause for sure.

4. SuperEnalotto - supporting education, arts & culture, sport and science

Although it’s not as popular as Powerball and not even close as big as EuroJackpot lottery, this one is still a very known Italian brand, which had its first draw held on 3rd of December of 1997.

Operated by a Sisal group, it has showed a big success in sales and proved to be one of the favourites among lottery players. Sisal helps to support good causes throughout Italy, awarding much-needed funding to worthy organizations. We think it’s an amazing example of business, that supports national economy and helps with science projects devoted to fighting cancer and rare genetic diseases.

So if you fancy Italian football and culture and would like to contribute to a good cause, playing SuperEnalotto or SuperStar is certainly a good way of doing it.

5.South African National Lottery Powerball - supporting economy and charities

The last but not least lottery on our list is a South African National Lottery and more specifically it’s licensed and most popular version of Powerball. Unlike other known lotteries, this is one is pretty special, not because of high payouts or it’s big popularity, but because it actually helped to improve economy in the region through creation of 50,000+ jobs, thanks to legalised gambling.

Up to 34% of lottery revenue is paid to various charity funds and more than 53% of South Africans play lottery once a week. Since South African National lotteries are available online for anyone to play, you can contribute to the region growth through buying their lottery tickets as much as local do.

In the end

We hope this information was useful and next time you will buy your lottery ticket you will not be too upset if it’s not yet your lucky time to hit the jackpot.

Every ticket actually contributes to a lot of good causes and help others to live a better life. And since today you can play a lot of lotteries online, it’s up to you to choose where this contribution needs to go.