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First you’ll need to use your buttons to select the stake you’ll play at

This instant win game provides fast paced action that delivers great prizes

Original 1980s style graphics and interface provides arcade fun

Bright colours and music lead to an in-depth gameplay experience

Blast up to eight aliens to earn multipliers on Cashtrovaders

Shoot aliens individually or use a button to shoot them all at once

Each multiplier adds one segment to the stacks at the bottom of the screen

Earn three multipliers for this to be applied to your stake at the end of the round

Return to player rated at 82.40%

Odds of winning a prize

Multiplier Odds

1x 5:1

5x 10:1

10x 150:1

50x 8571:1

200x 200,000:1

500x 250,000:1

2000x 375,000:1

5000x 500,000:1

Max Win: $100,000

Min Stake: $1.00

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